Decorative Purple Vase

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Our decorative purple vase is one-of-a-kind.  The vase has a gradient glaze and time consuming melon ball texture. Enjoy the piece as decor or as a purple flower vase.

Handmade in San Francisco.

The decorative purple vase uses a carving technique that is super time intensive. After throwing a simple flower vase shape on the wheel, the exterior is attained through a melon ball technique. With hundreds and maybe even thousands of craters on the exterior, this purple flower vase is stimulating to multiple senses. Along with being visually stimulating, this piece is very fun to pick up and hold. After carving the whole piece, I use two purple glazes to get the somewhat gradient look. Finally, I wiped away the ridges to expose the natural clay and give the exterior three total colors. What is interesting is the exterior clay came out with a tint of orange instead of white like expected. This is likely due to how the decorative purple vase glazes and clay reacted to the high firing.

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Clay, Glaze


Height: 5 Inches
Width: 4 Inches
Weight: 23 Ounces

Holds Liquid



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