Ramen Bowl Preorder

Ramen Bowl Preorder


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Ramen Bowls will be based on the size and shape of the red and orange bowls (first 2 posted). They will be around 7 inches wide at the top and 4 inches tall.

Here are the steps to finalize your ramen bowl preorder!

Step 1 – Pick Your Texture (see below)

Step 2 – Pick Your Quantity

Step 3 – Color Consultation – You can choose 2 colors per bowl, ideally the layered glaze combo will only be on the inside and very top if you want multiple

Textures & Pricing

Horizontal Ridges (Red Bowl)

1 bowl – $68
2+ bowls – $62 per
4+ bowls+ – $56 per
Horizontal Stripes (Orange Bowl)
1 bowl – $64
2+ bowls – $58 per
4+ bowls+ – $52 per
Vertical Facets (Purple Bowl)
1 bowl – $72
2+ bowls – $66 per
4+ bowls+ – $60 per
Crosshatch/Rectangles (Orange Bowl)
1 bowl – $72
2+ bowls – $66 per
4+ bowls+ – $60 per
Check out the rest of my shop or my Instagram for color options. Or if you had a color in mind I can show some previous works using those colors too.
I will be making these bowls at my high fire studio so final results may vary bowl to bowl depending on the glaze combo we decide on. Certain glazes will be more volatile than others.
To make this simple, I will make this $50 to start and then depending on the size of the order I may send 1 or 2 separate invoices to cover the rest of the difference.
For example, if you order 1-3 bowls total I’ll likely send the remainder of the invoice when they are done. For larger orders, I may send another invoice to cover around half of the order total before I get started, then send the rest once complete.
Expect 1-2 months to receive your bowls once we finalize the design. I have less control at this studio of the firing process but the bowls will be more durable due to the higher firing temperatures.

Handmade in San Francisco.

Additional information


Clay, Glaze


Width: 7 Inches
Height: 4 Inches

Holds Liquid



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