Decorative Black White Vase

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Our unique decorative black white vase can serve as a bud vase or decorative piece in any home. Carved to hold glaze a good amount of the exterior exposes the natural clay body to create the black white contrast.

Handmade in San Francisco.

I threw the decorative black white vase on the wheel using a darker clay body. Like many of my other carved vases I decided to incorporate a pattern that creates movement around the piece. Tee vase is particularly thick for how much clay and how deep of rivets I wanted to make in order to hold the glaze. Still at some points there is a little bit of drip from the firing process. The natural black color and white glaze creates a strong contrast that is sure to stand out in any home. Since the spout is so narrow I would consider this to be more of a center piece. The handmade bud vase can also serve on its own as an installation in any room.

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Clay, Glaze


Height: 8 inches
Width: 4 inches

Holds Liquid



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