Unique Decorative Vase w/ Crackle Glaze


Unique Decorative Vase w/ Crackle Glaze


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This unique decorative vase is an extremely unique pear shape. It also has a highly desired crackle glaze. The glaze has cracks towards the bottom achieved by putting the piece into the bisque kiln after the glaze firing. As a result, this one of a kind shape and glaze combination creates a handmade black vase that will light up any room.

Handmade in San Francisco.

The unique decorative vase is one of the toughest shapes I’ve made to date. Already double orbed, the narrow tip is tough to attain. The tip is so narrow it makes the piece purely decorative. The handmade black vase has a unique shape but perhaps an even more unique glaze result. The black top is called carbon trapping. At the bottom you can see the cracks which is achieved¬† by putting the glazed piece back into the bisque fire. The combo of carbon trapping and cracks at the bottom is tough to control and attain thus making the piece one of a kind.

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Clay, Glaze


Height: 7 inches
Width: 4.5 inches
Weight: 32 ounces

Holds Liquid



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