Tall Carved Bud Vase – Made to Order – Brown & Black

Tall Carved Bud Vase – Made to Order – Brown & Black


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Once order goes through it will take me 30-45 days to complete the process. For larger orders you may expect closer to 2 months.

This is a narrow and tall vase so it can hold a few flowers but is also a perfect decoration piece. If you have a color theme at your house or restaurant a few of these will add incredible interest to the overall theme!

Clay: Moroccan Sand (Brown)
Outside: Brown / Jet Black – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-361-jet-black-underglaze
Inside: High Gloss Black

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Additional information


Clay, Glaze, Under Glaze


Height: 6.5 Inches
Width: 3.5 Inches

Holds Liquid



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