Double Orbed Cup – Made to Order

Double Orbed Cup – Made to Order


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Once order goes through it will take me 30-45 days to complete the process. For larger orders you may expect closer to 2 months.

This is a large cup and unique in it’s shape. I offer multiple options for this cup. Clay used for all 4 will be Moroccan Sand – https://www.lagunaclay.com/product-page/wc400-moroccan-sand

Option 1 (close to cup in images)
Outside: Royal Blue – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-336-royal-blue-underglaze
Inside: Bright Red – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-387-bright-red-underglaze
Glaze: Clear

Option 2 (see red/yellow vase)
Outside: Maroon – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-375-maroon-underglaze
Inside: Intense Yellow – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-391-intense-yellow-underglaze
Glaze: Clear

Option 3 (see colors in images)
Outside: Medium Blue – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-326-blue-underglaze
Inside: Real Orange – https://www.amaco.com/products/v-384-real-orange-underglaze
Glaze: Clear

Option 4
Outside: Natural Moroccan Sand (Brown)
Inside: White/Black/Orange Swirl
Glaze: Clear

Great as a unique set for the kitchen and would work great at a restaurant as well.

Please send me a message with any questions you may have if this is confusing or if you have your own color combination you’d like to apply to this unique shaped cup.

Handmade in San Francisco.

Oven, Microwave, and Dishwasher safe.

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Additional information


Clay, Glaze, Under Glaze


Height: 5 Inches
Width: 4 inches

Holds Liquid



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